On August 08, 2017 I had the opportunity to participate in a ride-along with CPD.  This was part of my due diligence as a City Councilman Candidate.  I had over 10 hours to talk with an officer who expressed honestly articulated the strengths and weaknesses of our department.

It is my full intent to support the men and women of CPD as they put their lives at risk every day to provide a safe community.  I intend to make sure they continue to have up to date equipment and training that will provide the edge needed to fight crime.  Most importantly I would like to see robust recruiting so that our CPD can be appropriately staffed.

I would like to see an improvement in process by ensuring that all documenting systems including RMS, CAD and Ticket Printer systems are compatible so as to reduce redundant charting.

It is my goal to help CPD by finding alternative activities for teenagers (perhaps a soapbox derby program, a community-based boxing gym, basketball tournament, etc.) so that the teens can be engaged during the summer months.  More suggestions to engage teens are welcome.

I would like to see expanded “meet and greet” programs where an officer introduces themselves to a community.

I would like to see a mental health option to address the growing cases which are occurring in Conyers.

I would like to see a fundraiser campaign for bulletproof vest by using a benefit concert at the horse park.

I would also like to see officers allowed to keep their firearm after 20 years of dedication with CPD.

Although this is a citizen’s view looking in, I would appreciate more input from the officers and other citizens in our community.  I have seen solid outreach from the officers with current programs and I know the department is filled with men and women who care about our community.  Thank you for