I would challenge each department to perform an annual internal audit to identify cost saving measures equal to 5% of their non-personnel budget.  This is a routine business strategy performed at institutions that allows growth through pruning.

I am a firm believer in short term loss for long term gain (spending money to create residual income or firm savings on interest), but I also believe a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (secure the bird first).  I realize that sometimes it takes money to save money (such as a refinance of restructuring) and I am willing to evaluate suggestions which leverage Conyers to perform at a more optimal level for its citizens.

This year (2017) I initiated and brokered a deal that saved a local company $80,000 in interest over ten years while shaving two years off their note and reducing their monthly payments by $500.  We also separated their building from the business to reduce liability risk.  That was a significant move for the business.  I believe I can study the process and collaborate with department heads to save taxpayer money.