I recent contacted the GDNR regarding the Yellow River for the purpose of giving it a checkup.  I was entertaining the idea of stocking the river with channel catfish for anglers.  I was advised that the water is too swift and that the catfish would all end up downstream.

The GDNR said they can perform a free shock test that stuns the fish and allows identification of current fish inhabiting sections of the Yellow River. The river area near the GIHP meets their requirements of banks and runoffs. Living rivers are healthy rivers and we can evaluate the life in our section of the river for free.  This is a simple step to preserve our natural resources.

Strategic placement of yellow bellied brim could be an option.  Not only would they provide a natural predator to control water based insects, they could also be a form of fishing enjoyment.

Furthermore, I am considering a kayak launch ramp.  The designs have already been drawn.  Cost is approximately $100,000 and I would appreciate community input on this subject.